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Tryout Times by Age Group

Your age group for the 2022 season is determined by the age cutoff date of April 30th, 2022.  So your age on that date will be your age for the 2022 season.

Example 1:  your birthday is March 14th and you turn 11 on that day.  Your age group for the 2022 season is 11U.
Example 2: your birthday is June 17th and you turn 11 on that day.  Your age group for the 2022 season is 10U.

Session 1 - August 16th is for 2022 8U and 9U players
Session 2  - August 16th is for 2022 14U and 15U players
Session 3 -  August 17th is for 2022 10U and 11U players
Session 4 - August 17th is for 2022 16U, 17U and 18U players
Session 5 - August 18th is for 2022 12U and 13U players
2022 Season Tryout Info and Registration

All returning players are required to attend tryouts. If you have multiple kids trying out, please make sure to register EACH player that is trying out. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your tryout time. If evaluations should be cancelled due to weather, please check back here (on this page) for updated dates and times.  Tryouts will cost $25  this year and is a non-returnable fee.  Payment for tryouts will be online through our registration process. Players will not be allowed to try out if they have not paid the tryout fee.  If you plan on trying out, please make every effort to register online, we plan our evaluator's availability based on the confirmed number of players.  We have 5 sessions, each session will include 2 different age groups.  Please make sure to sign up for the session that is for your 2022 age (see age explanation below).

Spring Ball Information

JBA CLUTCH is excited to announce that we will be again offering spring baseball in 2022! The spring teams will be separate from the Summer teams, and will only be made available to those players playing CLUTCH summer ball 2022.  Spring teams are optional and are not required to play summer ball.  Spring teams will be offered for ages 11U-14U.  WIAA prohibits the ability of 14U players that are in 9th grade and playing freshman baseball to participate in spring baseball due to obligations with school ball. Spring tournament play will begin in late April and run through the end of May.  It will consist of 3-4 tournaments and about 1 practice a week. 

Tryouts are for the 2022 summer season.  If you would also like to participate in the 2022 spring season, we will have a signup sheet at tryouts for you to sign up for consideration for spring teams.  We will not be offering a "spring only" option at this time.  Players must be selected for a summer team to participate with a spring team.

Feel free to respond to with any other further questions.  We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 tryouts!

Summer Ball Information

With the increasing popularity of the JBA CLUTCH baseball program, we now anticipate having multiple teams at each age level, from 8U through 18U.  Due to the success of many of our teams playing in out of state tournaments, JBA is offering a new type of tryout this year.  Traditionally our Navy teams starting at the age level of 12U and up have participated in more out of state tournaments than our Lime teams at that same age.  If you are interested in playing at a higher level and are willing to travel to an increased number of national tournaments, we ask that you indicate this on the tryout registration.  Our national tournament locations in the past have included Myrtle Beach SC, Westfield IN, Omaha NE, Kansas City MO, Peoria IL, Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, IA.  Some of the top teams in the country have played in these national tournaments, so we anticipate that our national teams will experience some of the best competition that they can face at these tournaments. The national teams will have a higher player registration fee than our other teams which will play in tournaments located in Wisconsin and bordering states. We have used additional fundraising in the past to help offset player fees from all of our teams, so hopefully, we can continue the excellent relationships that we have established with local sponsors.  Please understand that trying out for a national team does not guarantee a spot, there is still the possibility of being offered a roster spot on a non-national team at that age level you are trying out for.

What players can expect at Tryouts

Players will be evaluated and graded on the following skills: fielding ground balls, catching fly balls, throws from shortstop to first base, throws from the outfield to home plate, hitting, baserunning, and if a player is a pitcher or catcher, those skills as well.  The evaluation will be done by multiple coaches in the JBA organization.  All evaluation grades will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the coaching staff to determine overall try out results.  Please make sure that players are loose and have stretched or have thrown before their tryout. There will be designated areas available for players to warm up.

​​Please have your son/daughter bring the following:
Baseball Glove
Batting Helmet
Any additional equipment they use to play baseball
What they should wear:
Comfortable shirt or uniform top
Baseball Pants (no shorts, sliding will be evaluated)
Socks and baseball cleats (8U-12U: plastic only, 13U,14U and 15U can wear either plastic or metal)
Baseball Hat
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