9U Clintonville Youth Tournament

July 11th - 13th, 2014

Please single left click on a picture below to open up a larger enhanced version of the photo.  We divided the pictures up by category for your convenience.

Follow Through
Power T
Three Quarters
Shock and Awe
Lefty Hurler
High Leg Kick
Power T
Elbow Action
Great Form
Glove Extension
Over the Top
Knee High Strike
High Heat
Right by Him
Great Pitch and Catch

Pitching and Catching

Throw Hard
Play at Third
Force Out
Step and Throw
Stretch at First
Forced Out
Incoming Throw
Tagged Out
Easy Throw

Defensive Fielding

Squaring Up Hard
Level Swing Plane
Lefty Smash
Solid Contact
Slide Home
Safe at Home
Big Bash
Hard Hit Ball
Full Extension
Step Towards the Pitcher
Head Down
Safe at First
Level Swing Plane
Great Extension
Beat it Out
Solid Contact
Winning Run
Round It
Beat the Throw
Swing Hard
Run Scored
Get Down
Square it Up
More Scoring
Sliding Safely
Steal of Home
In There
Stealing Second
Eyes down
Base Thievery
Smash to Right
Tie goes to...
Extra Bases
Level Swing Plane
Get Low

Hitting and Running