This past weekend, CLUTCH players Marek Woytasik  and Flynn and Liam Huffman went to a hitting camp with special guest star and Youtube sensation, Domingo Ayala. The boys were able to pick up some "valuable" hitting tips, learning important things like how to hit the high cheese, swinging so hard that you hit the inside part of the ball (your bat actually goes in the ball and hits the inside core!) and how to pop your chain after hitting a bomb!


The camp started off with Domingo showing the boys the proper way to stretch, followed by some instructional work on the tees and in the cages.  After explaining to the boys his hitting philosophy, Domingo put on a show in the cage hitting some cage bombs that almost blew out the nets!  A quick display of fielding drills and an autograph and picture session wrapped up the morning.  Players Choice of the Fox Cities hosted the camp and the boys (and their dads) had a great time listening and observing Domingo!  If you've never had the chance to watch his YouTube videos, head on over to his YouTube Page and you can see just how great he is, for yourself!

Picture Opportunity
High Cheese
Hitting Cage Bombs
Staying Loose at the Plate
Stretching with Domingo

Wisco Clutch goes "Beeg Tyne"