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On behalf of the Jirschele Baseball Academy, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your company to become a sponsor in support of our 2018 youth baseball program.


As a non-profit organization, the Jirschele Baseball Academy provides high-quality instruction and developmental opportunities for ballplayers of all ages and ability levels.  Through the mentorship and guidance of credible coaches with a proven track record of success, our players will enhance their understanding of the game of baseball while also realizing significant, lasting improvements in their skill proficiencies and on-field performance.  Most importantly, our staff seeks to provide a first-class experience for each ballplayer, arming them with the necessary physical, mental, and social skills to be a CLUTCH performer on and off the field.


Your donation would help us provide uniforms, player and practice equipment, tournament fees, team insurance, team/player fees, technology and technology equipment - all in support of more than 125 players from across central Wisconsin, who combined, will play in over 200 tournament games throughout the state and Midwest this summer!


We offer a variety of sponsorship levels.  Please take some time to review the sponsorship information, which can be viewed by clicking on the PDF document link below.  I am confident that you will find a sponsorship level that will be comfortable for your company as well as beneficial to our organization. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of the Jirschele Baseball Academy.

Sincerely yours,

Jeremy Jirschele

Founder - Jirschele Baseball Academy

JBA CLUTCH Sponsorship Info

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