What people are saying about JBA CLUTCH...

"I have known Coach Jirschele since my son was about 4 years old.  Over the past four years I have watched him interact with players at camps and on the JBA CLUTCH 9U team.  The level of instruction and the methods used to teach these young athletes are impeccable.  Coaches Jirschele and Bloom work equally with all players, and teach them how to play the game the right way.  It's a program you want your kid to be a part of not only for baseball, but for life skills and leadership."

                                     - Jon Albee

"We are very grateful that we signed up our son for the 9U JBA CLUTCH team this year.  Without a doubt, our son has learned more in three months than in the previous four years of city baseball.  His skills and confidence have grown beyond our greatest expectations.  We are also thankful that our son was welcomed completely onto his new team.  Even though he had never met or played with any of his teammates before, he is truly an accepted and important part of the team.  He has never been so excited to learn, practice and play baseball.  The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and positive role models, the parents are friendly and encouraging, and we look forward to another wonderful season of JBA CLUTCH next year."

              - Dennis and Carrie Duchac

"My grandson Mason thoroughly enjoyed playing for JBA CLUTCH this summer. He is very competitive and I know he  was excited about playing with so many good players. I was amazed at the development of the players over the course of the summer. The improvement in hitting, fielding and making good baseball decisions by such young players was a joy for me to watch. Thank you coaches for an outstanding job"!     

                                    - John Prey

"The amount of knowledge and skill that the coaching staff of JBA CLUTCH have provided our son is truly something special. They've created an atmosphere that is so condusive to learning and having fun, that he has had no choice but to become a better player, teammate, and student of the game!  It's such a joy to watch the team play with excitement and genuine love of baseball.  Coaches Bloom, Jirschele, and Thrun have our thanks for taking such great care of our son and helping him become a better ball player and person!

                   - Erica and Bo Huffman

"Coaches make or break athletic team experiences.  The coaching team for JBA CLUTCH is extraordinary.  They focus on fundamental baseball skill development while teaching the boy’s life lessons.  Respect and discipline are keys to their message for the kids while still having fun!  The positive impact and influence Jeremy has on the boys is second to none.  He is the best all-around coach I have experienced."

                         - Jen  Nieuwenhuis

"I'm convinced that I would struggle finding a better coaching staff than JBA's Jirschele, Bloom, and Thrun.  This coaching staff has helped our son improve in all aspects of the game.  From the first practice to the last game, the focus on frundmentals and playing the game the right way has brought our son a sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence....not to mention incredible firendships.  I'm amazed at the improvement each and every player has made on this team.  While they may have started at different points, they all progressed and never once forgot that it takes a team to win.

                                      - Jay True