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A CLUTCH Player Will...

  1. Respect the game of baseball – its customs, traditions, rules, and participants.

  2. Be a team player – to be a true champion, one must place the well-being of others above himself.

  3. Value the process above the end product – because he knows that positive results depend upon productive preparation.

  4. Learn continually about the game of baseball – because his coaches will possess a strong knowledge of rules, strategy, & tactics.

  5. Win with class, lose with dignity, and display solid character and integrity at all times – regardless of the score.

  6. Be taught the proper fundamental skills necessary to be a versatile and valuable ballplayer who can help his team in many ways.

  7. Strive to stay mentally tough and resilient – mistakes can be a great teacher if you have the right attitude.

  8. Be confident and assertive – because he knows that his coaches and teammates are behind him.

  9. Stay motivated because of a strong sense of purpose, fueled by the positive influence of credible coaches.

  10. Maintain proper perspective regarding sports and life – sport can help to shape our life, but that life does not revolve around sport.

Mission Statement

The mission of JBA CLUTCH is to provide high-quality instruction and developmental opportunities for ballplayers of all ages and ability levels.  Through the mentor-ship and guidance of credible coaches with a proven track record of success, parents can expect that their sons and daughters will enhance their understanding of the game of baseball while also realizing significant, lasting improvements in their skill proficiency and on-field performance.  Most importantly, our staff seeks to provide a first-class experience for each ballplayer, arming them with the necessary physical, mental, and social skills to be a CLUTCH performer on and off the field.


The staff at JBA CLUTCH prides itself on

reinforcing the following core principles:

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